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I'm a Homeowner, what services do you provide?

  • Vacant house supervision-regularly inspect the property, arrange maintenance services such as weeding and snow shoveling. Make sure your property is safe and tidy.

  • Daily maintenance-Regular maintenance and daily maintenance of the property to ensure the safety and normal operation of your property.

  • Emergency Repair-Professionals provide 24/7 emergency repair services to minimize the accidental loss of the property.

  • Professional maintenance-use professionals to provide maintenance services to the property to ensure the quality of maintenance is safe and reliable.

  • Disposal of breach of contract-assisting the landlord to deal with the breach of contract by the tenant. Minimize the loss of the owner.

  • Financial report-send the property's financial income and expenditure report and maintenance management report to the owner on a regular basis.

I am a tenant, what are the steps to apply for a rental property?

  • Provide your basic work or study background information, move-in date, and the reason of your moving.

  • Make an appointment to view the rental property, in-person or virtual.

  • Fill out a rental application

  • Expect credit and background checks

  • Prove you can pay rent, please provide

    • proof of employment or income,

    • copies of tax returns, or recent pay stubs or other forms of receipts from an employer

  • Figure out if you need a co-signer

  • Sign the lease

I am a landlord, how can you help my rental house find suitable tenants?

  • Free evaluation-provide you with free market analysis and suggest an appropriate rental price to help you get the most benefit.

  • Free Photography-Take high-quality photos of your property for free to make rental advertisements more attractive.

  • Free advertisements-advertise your property in major Chinese and English online media for free.

  • Tenant screening-We conduct background checks and credit checks on tenants based on our years of experience to confirm that tenants can pay rent on time.

  • Lease Agreement-Assist the owner to draft and sign a house lease contract to protect the legal rights of the owner.

  • Moving in and out check-every time the tenant moves in and out of the property, the property is fully inspected, recorded and archived.

I am a tenant, what should I do after I have successfully signed the rental contract?

  • Set up new utility accounts such as water, electricity and gas, and tenant insurance Before picking up the keys

  • Make an appointment for move-in check and key collection.

  • Send the rent on the first day of each month to

  • Report the issues and repair requests through email:

    • Remember to attach photos and video of all your issues with the email

  • Inspect the property on a regular basis.

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